Mount Rinjani Trekking Reaches 3726 Meters Height

The sunny weather and the sun that shine into the perfect moment to do Mount Rinjani Trekking because with the weather-friendly scenery during the climb will be very captivating. Travel can you start from some available climbing path but for those of you who are still inexperienced should choose the path Sembalun Sembalun because this path is very easy to pass even by beginners though. At the beginning of Sembalun path the climbers will only find meadows with contours that are still not too uphill so that will not make climbers feel tired on the way.


The grassland meadows will color the mount rinjani trekking starting from Sembalun climbing entrance to heading 2 and a small part of heading 2 to heading 3. With the vast expanse of grassland the climbers can enjoy the vast landscape. But on that route the climbers should be ready with a sunburn that is enough to burn the skin especially if you through the meadow in the middle of the day when the weather is sunny. Then sunblock becomes one of the compulsory equipment that can not be missed during the climb. Only from post 2 to post 3 road that pass will be a little shady because there are big trees that resist sunstroke that can burn the skin.

But do not you think with the shady road mount rinjani trekking will be easier, just from the post 2 trip will be more difficult because the terrain will be more uphill. Starting from 7 hills regret the road will continue to climb and continue to climb, but before the peak you can rest first in Plawangan Sembalun as the last post traveled by the climbers. From that point the climbers can also go to Lake Segara Anak which is also very dear if passed by the climbers. Therefore for those of you who want to climb Mount Rinjani must provide a long time to be able to enjoy the Lake Segara Anak and also the famous peak Rinjani difficult to conquer because not a few climbers who finally gave up in the middle of the road and not to the top.